About Me

Fighting for what we believe in. Together. 

My Story-

I'm running for School Board to make a difference for parents and the citizens of Stonehouse District.  We need a leader to stick up for parent's rights and give a voice to the voter. 


My interest began when the School Board refused to follow the law and make their own decision and masked our children before they could return to school.  Since then, I have argued against pornography in our school libraries, removal of our superintendent for constantly misleading the School Board and public regarding CRT and SEL in the classroom, and the School Board's failure to follow their own procedure in selecting text books for our children. 

I am a retired Army veteran with 27 years of military experience.  I lead a team of over 150 individuals from all branches of our military, and civilian federal employees from multiple agencies, to implement a new detention review program for prisoners captured on the battlefield.  I prosecuted detainees held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for offenses committed against the United States.  I know how to lead people and to build a consensus to meet common goals and will use this experience to lead the school system to provide the best education for our children.

Hosang 4 School Board promotes real solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by school system.   We need to get pornography out of our schools, parental involvement in their children's curriculum, and a school board that is accountable for its actions.  I will ensure that the School Board is accountable to parents, voters, and citizens and that our children receive the best education available.